Ohh, the endless search for “happiness”. Why is it so very elusive, this “happiness”? Why do others seem to have “it” and I do not? When will it find me? Oh, if only i were thinner or prettier or richer or finally found my soul mate…..then I would be happy! right?.

I think the reason that this coveted “happiness” is so very elusive, is because it does not really exist! Not in the way we think it does. It never arrives in the form of tangible things. It never appears in the form of a person or a place. You can posses all the riches in the world, you could have traveled the globe, married the most attractive person that has ever lived, and still be a miserable S.O.B. 🙂

Unless or until, you take the journey into your inner sanctum, your soul, and find what is hidden there and who YOU really are, nothing will satisfy you. Allow yourself the privilege of getting to know yourself, get out of your own way. Let go of the past, learn from it. Stop fretting about the future, embrace the mystery of it. Be present in your life, live each day with purpose(there is purpose in everything we do). Live with gratitude, see your glass as not only half full, but positively spilling over. Stop comparing yourself to your friends, siblings, neighbors, celebrities or whomever you view as “having it better”. No one “has it better” just ask. Everyone has a story, everyone is fighting some sort of battle.
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There is only one person in the entire world that could make YOU happy…..and that person, my friends, is YOU!. Look to yourself, you will find what you need! Remember that “happiness” is a relative term. It means something different to each of us, one man's happiness can be another man's hell. So stop trying to chase an idea of happiness that only exists in someone else's mind. Look inside, get rid of what no longer serves you, and fill up on the things that do. Once you do this, “happiness” abounds.