South Tampa Massages

“Back” to Balance Swedish Massage $70/$105/$145 ~ 30/60/90 minutes

This traditional Swedish relaxation massage uses long smooth strokes to calm the mind and body, releasing areas of stress and tension. You will emerge feeling soothed and fully balanced.

Healing Therapy Massage $115/$155 ~ 60/90 minutes

Through stimulating and invigorating your muscles using deeper, more focused work in areas of tension, this specialized treatment eases pain and disperses toxins. Your body will feel fully aligned and tension completely erased.

Sudeva Hot Stone Massage $135/$180 ~ 60/90 minutes

This ultimate muscle meltdown utilizes the healing power of warm earth stones. The weight and radiant warmth of the stones combined with healing essential oils penetrate muscle tissue and inducing pure relaxation.

Zen Fusion Massage $115/$155 ~ 60/ 90 minutes

This is a heavenly fusion of our back to balance swedish massage and our healing therapy massage. Designed for those that love the healing and soothing aspect of the swedish massage but require focused work in certain areas, it’s the best of both worlds in one amazing massage.

Sacred Belly Prenatal Massage $115 ~ 60 minutes

While you embark on this amazing journey of pregnancy and upcoming motherhood, allow us to pamper you and honor this special time. Prenatal massage provides relief from muscular strain, pain and tension. We use all natural massage products that are safe for mommy and baby. You deserve to take time for yourself now more than ever.

Sense Indulgence Aromatherapy Massage $120 ~ 60 minutes

Nourish the skin, eliminate toxins, and balance mind and body with the most powerful pure botanical essences found in nature. We customize each treatment to your specific emotional and physical needs. This is the ultimate escape from the everyday. Breathe in pure bliss.

Mind, Body, Spirit Massage $155 ~ 1 hr 15 min

This is a divine combination of our Swedish relaxation massage( can upgrade to a deep tissue massage for $10) and an energy balancing reiki session. Drift into a deep state of calm and nourish your spirit with this mind and body balancing treatment. The tension in your body will be eased utilizing smooth fluid massage strokes, and healing earth stones will be placed on your chakra centers to balance the body’s energy centers and induce relaxation. Emerge fully centered and ready to take on the world.

Sole Rejuvenation Foot Massage $65/$85 ~ 20/50 minutes

Our feet are usually the most neglected part of the body, and yet the secret of full body balance can be brought on through our attention to them. Hot towels soothe, and a thorough pressure point massage heals from the bottom up. This divine treatment relives tension, soothes aches and pain, and puts a spring back in your step.

Hot Oil Scalp Massage $55 ~ 20 minutes

A warm and aromatic stream of healing scalp oil is gently poured unto the scalp to induce pure relaxation. Pure bliss is induced with our signature “marma” or energy point massage. Neck and shoulders are included.

CBDelightful Massage $160 ~ 60 minutes

This massage journey will ease your mental stress and free your body from physical pain. We use the highest quality, nutrient dense CBD muscle balm (non-psychoactive) that works quickly to ease tension and pain. You will feel relief immediately. Pair this treatment with our CBD infused tea, for maximum relaxation.

Gemstone Healing Massage $155 ~ 60 minutes

This healing massage journey combines traditional massage strokes with warmed Rose Quarts spheres to induce deep relaxation and smooth muscle tension. Rose quartz is said to balance the heart chakra and promote love and peace. You will emerge calm and with a sense of full body tranquility.

What Our Clients Say

I have been one of Edyta’s clients for 5 years now. She is amazing!!! My skin is very very sensitive, and I’ve always had trouble with it. After a treatment with her, my skin feels and looks amazing for days!!

Wellness Tips


A preparation of raw carrots, mashed to a smooth paste does wonders in helping clear a blemished complexion, when used along with regular good nutritional practices. The high vitamin A content of this red-gold vegetable no doubt explains its helpfulness.

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