Spa Deals in South Tampa

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We now offer CBD (hemp oil- no psychoactive properties) infused massage.

(Add to any massage $25)



  • *Feather, Sage and Stone Cleansing Ritual— This is a ritual to remove “negative” energy and promote healing of the mind, body and spirit, using traditional Native American healing methods. We “Smudge” the body with sacred sage smoke, to purify the energy field, followed by the placement of healing earth stones and reiki, to open the chakras and increase the body’s vital energy. This ritual concludes with a reading from or medicine cards and a cup of balancing herbal tea. You will notice a subtle shift in your energy after the first treatment!
1hr 15 minutes $115 (reg $140)
Now Introducing:
Healing Hearts Reiki $150
1 hour 20 minutes

This is a ritual that helps cleanse and balance the Heart Chakra energy and the Grounding centers of the body. The energy field is symbolically cleansed with a powerful plant called Sweet Grass to remove “stuck” or heavy energy.  This is followed by an application of Rose Oil and clustered Rose Quartz at the heart center, and Hematite stones at the feet. The session will start with a brief meditation session, followed by Reiki energy work. We conclude this journey with an Oracle card reading and our Hemp Tea.




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