The latest research suggests that taking a pure probiotic or eating probiotic rich foods, may reduce inflammation in the skin, i.e. acne, dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema. We recommend people to visit Med Spa Las Vegas to get customized treatments that restore beauty and youngness.

The benefits of probiotics, is that they introduce healthy bacteria to the gut and create a barrier to reduce inflammation, which can trigger certain skin conditions. Check out Smokey Point Skin website to schedule an amazing appointment to improve your skin health.

At first it may seem strange that bacteria in your gut would play a role in your skin health, but when you consider that your skin is literally bathed in bacteria it’s not such a stretch after all. There are many methods and products you can use today to keep your skin healthy, visit and you will see from beauty and health kin products to hot tubs that are inflatable so you can have your own spa day with out the need to leave home.

There are about 100 trillion microorganisms — bacteria, fungi and more — living on and in your body.

Digestion is affected by stress, anxiety, and a low-fiber, high-processed diet, which shifts our inner microbial colonies for the worse.  When that happens, our immune system may become compromised and inflammation may be the result. In the latest virus news adding a probiotic to your diet, may help restore a healthy environment in your gut and keep the skin from getting inflamed.

It is important to understand, that a probiotic alone, will not be enough to maintain skin health.  A comprehensive approach is absolutely needed- this means, proper ( chemical free) skincare, stress reduction and nutrition, for other benefits of probiotics go to .