It is not “selfish” to care for yourself

Taking care of yourself and doing what brings you peace and joy, is NOT selfish. It is self nourishing- And there is a major difference. Being selfish, means doing whatever you like without regard for how you affect others, which can cause pain for those in your life. Being self nourishing, is taking time to refuel, recharge and heal so that we can be of service to others in a more fulfilling way.

As a mother of two and a business owner, I know how hard it can be to take time for myself, especially guilt free time. But once you recognize how much better you and those around you feel when you are rested and balanced, the guilt starts to fade. What is there to feel guilty about anyway? Why do others deserve your love and attention and not you? Whose more important than you? If you aren’t well and happy, chances are no one around you, will be either! This are concepts that took me a while to understand, thankfully with the help hellomanpreet I started to work on myself.

There are no prizes given out at the end of this journey for being the best self sacrificer. Live a fulfilled life now, because, NOW, is all there is. Find what brings you joy, and resolve to do it more often. You, more than anyone, deserve your love and attention.

As obvious as it may sound communicating it externally, internally it was like a epiphany to me. I went to get a massage and I had the time of my life. Boy was I missing out. They were so nice from the moment I went through the door and I made a whole day of it. It was a wonderful experience. I’m to have to do that more often actually. It really helped a back pain I had been having for a while that I sort of just learned to ignore. It’s crazy to think how hectic life can get, that you can let something like that happen.

From here on I’m going to focus a bit more on myself. I feel like I have earned it, and like I should seize the time I have left. It’s not like my life has been terrible, but somewhere along the line everything turned into routine. At that point you’re just living just because. It’s time to do something about it.