The Power Of Thought


Do not under estimate the Power of thoughts.
Just as water
has the power to shift and mold earths landscape,

your thoughts
have the power to shift and mold the landscape

of your
life” –
Chuck Danes


It has been said that, the state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind. Unfortunately, most of us don’t fully understand this concept. We don’t fully realize the awesome power of our thoughts and the ability of our thoughts to mold our experiences and ultimately our existence.


  Analysis has shown that the average person can have 2000-3000 thoughts per day; triggering with each thought, an immediate emotional and physical response.  With this, it is important to understand that every thought emits a vibration and frequency. This thought created vibration does not just disappear into the ether; it stays around you, attracting to you the very vibration that you sent out. Putting into perspective the fact that every thought we have affects, changes, and molds our body and environment; deeply connecting how we think and how we feel on a daily basis.


Even though most of us believe that we have no control over our thoughts, each thought is indeed a choice. We choose what we think about. When we focus our minds on negative thoughts, we can gravely affect our physical health.  In fact, there have been studies that have concluded that roughly 75% to 80 % of all physical manifestations of disease are a result of stress, and what is stress but a series of negative, overwhelming thoughts and perceptions.  Just because you happen to think a particular situation is stressful, does not actually make that situation stressful. It’s your perception of the situation that makes it so. Someone may experience the same exact set of circumstances and does not respond the same way. My point is that everything is a matter of perception. Everything starts with a thought. Improving the quality of your thoughts can significantly improve your physical and emotional health.


 Here is another example of how powerful our thoughts are: You are laying in bed, completely safe, no danger around. You are laying there just thinking, envisioning some stressful situation that either has happened, or you anticipate happening. All of the sudden, your heart starts to race, you sweat, you may even start to tremble…..boom, anxiety attack! You have literally thought your way into an anxiety attack. Your body responded in the same way it would if there had been real, actual danger. You see, our bodies can’t tell the difference between our being in a real harmful situation, or, just thinking about being in a harmful situation. We will release the same amount of cortisol (stress hormone) and respond the very same way physically. It’s our thoughts  that trigger this response.


There are ways to navigate the way we think. It takes some serious active participation however. Every time you have a disempowering, negative, ego driven though, actively neutralize it and immediately replace it.  Tune into each passing thought. Any thoughts that are unpleasant and causes you any level of discomfort should be replaced with something positive, something empowering. Become fully aware of your thought patterns. What thoughts are you having repeatedly? What thoughts do you constantly reinforce?. This may feel odd at first, but over time, you will notice that it becomes second nature to think in a more positive way.


 Ralph Waldo Emerson once  said that “the ancestor to every action, is thought” so harness the power of  your thoughts to attract to you the things you truly need. You really do have  the power to change your thoughts, and with that the ability to change your  life!